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Current Status: Project Sri Pada

Video from Phase 2 Drilling

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-15 at 10.00.01 AM

Core Samples from Phase 2 Drilling

  • Bank feasibility & piloting complete on graphite 

  • Off-take agreement in place valued at $200 million for material distribution

  • Off-take offers on the table via the Indian Market

  • Process flow-design complete

  • Construction Infrastructure phase has become 

    • Solar Power Plant contract signed

    • construction teams mobilized

  • Infrastructure support application submitted to government

  • Asian development bank application started

  • This is a district scale opportunity

Phase 2 drilling and construction of infrastructure has begun.

GSMB Discovery In Serwuila

Gold deposits found in Seruwawila

18 Oct 2019

By Thilakarathna Dissanayaka  

Geological surveys conducted recently have revealed a gold deposit of 100 sq.kilometers buried in an area centering Seruwawila,  Geological survey and Mine Bureau Chairman Asela Iddawela said.  

The Chairman said he hoped to seek foreign investors willing to work in accordance with the policies and procedures adopted by the bureau to join with the GSMB to carry out further surveys based on the data and geological elements available.  

GSMB director General Dr.C.H.E.R. Siriwardena also affirmed the presence of gold ore within the Seruwawila copper and iron deposit in an area of about 100 km in Arippu and Kollakulam.  

 He also said further surveys are needed to ascertain the economical viability of the expected gold deposit and samples have to be analyzed to see the possibility of finding Palladium, Platinum elements.If the survey reveals positive results foreign investors can be attracted to develop the ore.  

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